Thousands Sucked Dry By Hard Money Parasites- How To Avoid The Loan Leech!

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There are creatures i bunker that prowl approximately the lush, inexperienced tough
money jungle that ignorantly kill 99 out of 100 deals…And
the possibilities of you ever locating a actual lender with them are
narrow and none.

Now I’m now not talking approximately decent agents, dealers or
middlemen which have direct get entry to to the money and treat
their customers with respect. I’m regarding the ignorant
leech who has absolutely no connection to a real investor
at all, and leads the innocent, once in a while determined client
into a black hole of false desire.

They are despicable, no longer due to the fact they don’t want to stable
funding for their customer, but because they do not know the
first factor about the real global of personal lending… They
are in it for the hope of huge broker costs and do not definitely
care approximately the myriad of applicants vying for investment!

They do not provide a flying squirrel approximately the consumer, their
unique occasions or the big amount of time that
may be wasted. They set their hook and then continue to
drag their unsuspecting prey right into a daisy-chain jungle,
hoping that in some way, by hook or by crook, a person they find will fund
the deal (throw enough moist spaghetti against the wall and
some thing ultimately has were given to stick mentality).

This jungle leech calls everybody he can find, other
leeches, quasi-agents and so forth, hoping that someone
will realize a person who is aware of someone’s wealthy brother-in-law.
This fishing can take days and every so often weeks, and, if
they ever get fortunate enough to discover an involved birthday celebration,
they simply sit down again and pacify the unsuspecting customer as
long as they could until they discover a manner to the cash. Now, if
the involved party is any other leech (and 99% of the time
they may be) you may see how this daisy-chain can fast grow
into an anchor that drags the deal into the shadows of the

Many deals in no way get funded because there are too
many palms within the cookie jar…”a plethora of parasites” if
you’ll. If one leech senses he may not get his reduce of the
income, he can and generally does, kill the deal so NO ONE
gets paid. And the unhappy issue is, a real difficult cash lender
doesn’t move near a deal that is been picked over.

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